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Do Dogs or Cats make better pets

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets

Hi everyone,

I am going to write points of why either dogs or cats make better pets. The reason why I am going to write why dogs or cats make better pets is because some owners must’ve lost their pet and wanted a new one but don’t know which pet to buy. So this doc is about “Do Dogs or Cats make better pets”. 

Why Cats make better pets than Dogs: Cats make better pets than Dogs because they are softer, sweeter, smarter, quieter, and cleaner. Cats are usually lazy and lounge but they are really skilful when it comes to hunting rodents. You could also play with them by giving them Cat toys.

Dogs make better pets than Cats because they are much more trainable. They are usually trained to use the bathroom outside but they can play with you, they can do tricks, and can do much more with you. They could also protect you from robbers and intruders. They also promote a more active lifestyle for you.

Dogs and Cats are usually kept as pets more than the other animals/pets. Although they might sound nice, there are some consequences with having a pet. Like when the cat scratches your couch, poops on your new rug, pushes your new coffee mug, and more. There are also consequences with a dog as well, like when the dog poops inside, messes your room, bites you and more consequences.

So my conclusion is that dogs make better pets because whenever there is an intruder, then your dog could attack or scare the intruder away. Also because in many people’s opinion dogs make better pets. Having a dog also helps increase your fitness levels and increases your happiness.

Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

This morning, we walked to the hall for the School Assembly. The Team 5 students (including me) sat on the dark red chairs behind everyone in the Hall. When the Assembly started, I soon noticed that the Korero for this Term was Art works. 

The Team 1 Teachers did a play that was about showing emotions through paint. The Team 2 Teachers did an Art competition of who drew the best portrait of themselves. The Team 3 Teachers made a video of them lip syncing songs. The Team 4 Teachers also made a video of them doing the 4 different types of art which was Videography, Dancing, music, and Art (as in painting, drawing and more!).

When it was Team 5’s turn, they set up the stage for their play which was Beauty and the Beast. It was a romantic play between Mr Wiseman and Mr Moran. The song that they played was Beauty and Tale as old as time.