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✉ Letter ✉

My reading task for this week, was about writing a letter to someone about you being in danger. My letter is about foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is when the author or storyteller gives hints and clues in the story of what is going to happen later.

Here is my letter!

Dear Mrs Swanson & Mr Swanson, 

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I have arrived in Bath. A kind gentleman suggested that I should go to the Bell and dragon. But before I could go there a sign caught my eye. It was called “BED AND BREAKFAST”. Each time I read it, it feels like it’s pulling me towards the place. When I rang the bell, the landlady opened the door in a split second. You usually have to wait for at least a minute or two, but she popped out like a Jack in the box. Although she was kind, she was too sweet, you know what I mean? Besides that, I would like to confirm to you that I do not feel safe. I have a strange feeling she is planning something. Her pet animals looked quite realistic but so still. I asked her about it and she told me it was stuffed! I was quite impressed. 

Although I wasn’t in the mood, she would keep offering me tea non-stop! It tasted faintly like bitter almonds, I wondered what she put in it. As I was signing the book, I found some rather familiar names. I swear I heard it from newspapers, maybe they’re famous I thought. I told her that he probably had left, but she told me that Christoper hadn’t left. What does that mean?! She told me that Christoper and Gregory were together on the third floor! Another thing that creeped me out was the fact that she told me that there wasn’t a blemish on Gregory’s body! How could she know that unless… I need to go somewhere, I’ll write you a letter if I can. 

Kind regards from Billy Weaver.