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Mana Ako – Sports Player Presentation

At Mana Ako, me and Manaia had to make a presentation about a famous women soccer player named Sam Kurr. She was born in East Fremantle in Australia. She went to Sydney FC School. Shes famous for playing in the Chelsea F.C Women team and for playing in the FIFA Womens World Cup. She is 5,4 foot tall and she plays foward (her position). She made $520,000 over her career.

Mana Ako

Today, at Mana ako, we learnt about the Cook Islands.

There were many interesting facts and information about the Cook Islands. I learnt a lot of new things today at Mana ako. At Mana ako, we had to share facts and info that we found interesting. An interesting fact I found was that the average household was 3.5 people in 2011. I found it interesting because I thought that you had to chop someone in half! I learnt that there are 15 islands in the Cook Islands. Those 15 islands emerged from the main island Rarotonga. Cook Island’s famous traditional dish Ika Mata is made out of raw fish (firm white fish such as snapper or cod) and vegetables (such as capsicum, tomato, coriander, and chilli). Ika Mata is marinated in lemon juice and coconut cream. My favourite Cook Island dish is Cook Island doughnuts. In 2011, most people in the Cook Islands were Cook Island Maori! In the Cook Islands there were no specific roles for boys and girls, instead they both have roles and focus on the work they’re good at.

That is pretty much all I learnt at Mana Ako. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it!

My trip to Fresh Gallery Ōtara with Mana Ako

Last week on Thursday, Mana Ako and I went on a trip to Fresh Gallery Ōtara. The exhibition was called ‘My dream called sike’. There were two people named Dema and Rachel who were showing us around the gallery. There were different types of art that were based on dreams. Popular artists had made some art that were from the gallery. Dema and Rachel set us an activity for us to do. We were supposed to make an artwork that was based on our dreams/nightmares or something made up, but I did an artwork based on a made up memory. My artwork’s theme was black and white. After finishing of our artworks, we had to pack up. After packing up, we ate pork buns and a Samoan pancake. When we finished eating, we thanked Dema and Rachel for taking care of us and for giving us space when we were eating and when we were creating our artworks.

I give this trip 4 stars because they were lovely and kind to us and creating the artworks were so fun! I thank Fresh Gallery Ōtara for giving us an opportunity to explore there.

Here are some photos from the trip!

Mana Ako Preparing for next term

Hello Everyone!

Mana Ako is coming to an end for Term 2. So I am going to get ready for next term!

What do I look forward to?

– I look forward to being participating in sports more often.

What do I try to avoid?

– I try to avoid trouble and distractions

What’s something I don’t try?

– Something I don’t try is Literacy and sports

What are my learning goals?

– My learning goals are to improve in literacy and to read more


Thank you Mana Ako club!!