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Explanation Writing about The Treaty of Waitangi

The treaty of Waitangi is an agreement made between the British and the Maori Chiefs in the year 1840. When the treaty was being made, it was thought that it would benefit both the British and the Maori. Despite this, the translations of the treaty led to disagreements and chaos! Keep reading to find out why the Treaty of Waitangi is important!

The treaty of Waitangi is important because of the protection of Maori people. The treaty promised to protect Maori culture and let the Maori continue living in New Zealand as Maori. The treaty said that the Maori had total control over all their lands and everything important to them.

Another reason why the Treaty is important is because it’s part of history. The treaty of Waitangi was an agreement between the British Crown and a large number of Maori Chiefs which was signed in 1840. Today, the treaty is known as a constitutional document that establishes the relationship between the British and the Maori.

The last reason why the treaty of Waitangi is important is because it united and created peace among the British and Maori. The treaty of Waitangi was meant to be a partnership between the Maori and British crown.

I conclude that the treaty of Waitangi is important because of the protection, history, and peace. I conclude that the treaty is important because it promised that it would protect the Maori people and their culture, it created peace and also because of the history of the treaty of Waitangi

Pourquoi tale

Once upon a time, all kinds of roses grew all over the land. Such as pink, red, white, yellow and many more roses grew all over. The roses were so beautiful that the humans wouldn’t take their eyes off them. But there was one rose that no one is allowed to lay their hands on, it was the purest rose of them all.

 It was called the golden touch. It was called the golden touch because whoever touched the golden rose would turn to gold. The golden touch was made as a symbol of peace and love. Humans were greedy for the roses. They’d either pick it for their love or pick it for fun. 


One day a new couple came into the land, their names were Lily and Niko. The couple were explorers. They were searching for something rare to add to their collection. One of the villagers bribed Niko in for money. Once he gave the villager money, she started blurting out to him that there was a golden rose that symbolises peace and love.


Once the couple laid their eyes on the golden touch, they shoved people out of their way until the golden rose was glimmering in their eyes. The golden glimmer tempted the couple to pick it. As soon as they touched the rose they transformed into golden statues. Not only did the couple turn to gold but all roses grew thorns because of the village’s greed. Rumour has it that the golden statues are deep in thorn vines.

Why we need Rainy day monitors

Why we need Rainy day Monitors

Today I will be writing about why we need rainy day monitors, so that there will be a reason for having a rainy day monitor. Rainy day monitors are year 7 & 8 children who look after classrooms while it is a rainy day. I will be writing three paragraphs about why we need rainy day monitors. 

We need rainy day monitors because rainy day monitors take care of classrooms when it’s raining and so that teachers can go on their  break. It’s important for teachers to have breaks so that they can teach their students more important things that could be useful in their life.

It’s important to have rainy day monitors because some year 8s who have not been chosen as a prefect or a house captain can be a great role model and show that they’re capable of leading the younger ones. It’s also important to have a rainy day monitor so that there is someone who is monitoring the classes when it is raining and some who is supervising the children while it is raining.


We need rainy day monitors because if the teachers were on break and no one is monitoring the childrens in their  classes, the children won’t have anyone to listen to, so they will create chaos in the classrooms. For example if a class was left alone with no adults, teachers or any supervision, the children would go wild, running around the classrooms, going on their chromebooks and playing games and messing up the class.

So therefore we need rainy day monitors in our classrooms to keep safe. I conclude that we need rainy day monitors to keep things under control in the classrooms and supervise the children. Would you like to be a Rainy day monitor?

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets

Hi everyone,

I am going to write points of why either dogs or cats make better pets. The reason why I am going to write why dogs or cats make better pets is because some owners must’ve lost their pet and wanted a new one but don’t know which pet to buy. So this doc is about “Do Dogs or Cats make better pets”. 

Why Cats make better pets than Dogs: Cats make better pets than Dogs because they are softer, sweeter, smarter, quieter, and cleaner. Cats are usually lazy and lounge but they are really skilful when it comes to hunting rodents. You could also play with them by giving them Cat toys.

Dogs make better pets than Cats because they are much more trainable. They are usually trained to use the bathroom outside but they can play with you, they can do tricks, and can do much more with you. They could also protect you from robbers and intruders. They also promote a more active lifestyle for you.

Dogs and Cats are usually kept as pets more than the other animals/pets. Although they might sound nice, there are some consequences with having a pet. Like when the cat scratches your couch, poops on your new rug, pushes your new coffee mug, and more. There are also consequences with a dog as well, like when the dog poops inside, messes your room, bites you and more consequences.

So my conclusion is that dogs make better pets because whenever there is an intruder, then your dog could attack or scare the intruder away. Also because in many people’s opinion dogs make better pets. Having a dog also helps increase your fitness levels and increases your happiness.

Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

This morning, we walked to the hall for the School Assembly. The Team 5 students (including me) sat on the dark red chairs behind everyone in the Hall. When the Assembly started, I soon noticed that the Korero for this Term was Art works. 

The Team 1 Teachers did a play that was about showing emotions through paint. The Team 2 Teachers did an Art competition of who drew the best portrait of themselves. The Team 3 Teachers made a video of them lip syncing songs. The Team 4 Teachers also made a video of them doing the 4 different types of art which was Videography, Dancing, music, and Art (as in painting, drawing and more!).

When it was Team 5’s turn, they set up the stage for their play which was Beauty and the Beast. It was a romantic play between Mr Wiseman and Mr Moran. The song that they played was Beauty and Tale as old as time.

Writing about Yr 8 & 7 Step up

Last week on Wednesday, the year 8s went to Year 8 Camp and that’s when the year 7 step up program began. The first thing the year 7s did was to get into our groups. My group was with Miss Hill. Next we went to room 3 to come up with a group chant, group poster and a group name which was The Mighty Kiwis.


My 1st favourite year 7 step up activity was painting Mrs Iloa. For painting we have to paint a background and a silhouette. The background I painted was with light colours like red, yellow and pink. My group couldn’t paint a silhouette because we only had time to paint a background. But it was fun to paint!


My second favourite activity was the Participation activity with Miss Hall. For the Participation activity, there were 2 games. The first one was with dots and the second one was to get the ball to the other side. For the first game, we got separated into 2 teams. We have to step on the dots without falling. The second activity was to get the ball to the other side. First we got handed these slide objects and a small ball. The goal was to get the ball to the other side of the classroom without touching the ball or letting it fall. What I learnt about the Participation activity was Leadership and Teamwork.

Narrative Story

Jazmine and the Magical Bracelet..


Once upon a time, far away, there lived a lovely, creative and imaginative teenage girl.  Jazmine was reading a book on her hammock when she noticed her imaginary friend Trixy was pointing at the beach.  Jazmine stared at the beach with confusion in her eyes but finally considered that the beach may be a great place to take a break. 


When Jazmine got out of the hammock, she took her cat Mr. Whiskers with her and walked to the beach with a delightful smile. When they got there, a sparkly object caught Jazmine’s eye. When she got closer, she noticed that the shiny item was a diamond bracelet. Once she picked it up, she looked around to see if anyone had come back for it or if anyone had passed. But no one was at the beach but her, Mr. Whiskers, and Trixy. After she looked around, she put on the bracelet not knowing that they would be in a whole different dimension.


Once Jazmine had put on the bracelet, Jazmine and Mr. Whiskers started floating in the air with sand circling them like a hurricane. Soon after that, They got transported into another dimension! When they got there, Jazmine was surprised when she saw all the amazing things! Like electrical tech, markets, and everything you could think of! The dimension they were currently in right now was called Imagination Land.


Jazmine was surprised that nothing happened to them. Until guards came up to them and handcuffed them! Once they were taken into the Galactical Palace, they noticed that the Queen was TRIXY! Jazmine soon noticed that the beach and the bracelet were all a trap! “Why would you do this!” Jazmine shouted. Trixy just left her speechless and locked them in a dungeon. Hours, days, and weeks have passed. Jazmine wondered if a hero would come and save them but it seems hope has lost.


Soon after Jazmine was about to give up, there was a large crash! Jazmine got up as fast as possible! The one who created the crash was a witch! The witch called out to Jazmine but Jazmine was too scared to reply. When the witch arrived at Jazmine’s dungeon she cast a levitation spell on the bars and moved them. 


The witch then took Jazmine’s hand and sat on the broom. Jazmine took Mr. Whiskers right before the Witch flew away. The witch introduced herself. Jazmine soon found out that the Witch’s name was Lynette. They soon arrived at Lynette’s witch cavern. When they arrived there, Lynette created a portal that leads to Jazmine’s house. Jazmine then hugged Lynette and went inside the portal waving goodbye. When she went inside her house she dashed into the living room hugging her family with tears covering her eyes. 


The End