Tag: Week 8

Inquiry – Snack Holder

Today, I will be writing my term 4 reflection on our inquiry topic. This term, our inquiry topic is on building a project that would help improve Pt England’s future. My group, CARE, planned on building a snack holder. the reason why we decided to build this is because there has been a lot of leftover fruit and snacks from the school lunches. Over the past weeks we have been measuring, drawing, planning, cutting, and more. We also have been working on our DLO over the past weeks. Our DLO was about recording our progress on our project.

On the first week my group, Care, planned and was working out how we were gonna build it. On the second week, Care, decided on what the project was gonna look like. On the third week, we were working on our DLO and recorded more footage. On the fourth, our group, finished filming our intros and we planned on what equipment and materials we would need. On the fifth, we finally completed our project! We did a lot of hard work, such as sawing, drilling, sanding, and painting. On the sixth week, the final week to complete our inquiry, we have finished painting our project!

The video below will show more about our project