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Today, room 4 learnt about solubility. Solubility is the ability to dissolve. First, room 4 got split into 6 groups.I was grouped with Aaron, Amira, and Rylan. My group was pretty helpful. Our objective was to see how many spoons of sugar could dissolve. We mixed water with sugar, which is called solution.

Here is the task! Hope you enjoy!


Lions – Statistical Inquiry

From the past 2 weeks me, Aye, and Lili-may have collected data from Room 4 to see if there is a difference between the hours of sleep of the older ones (13 year olds) – the younger ones (11 year olds). It was quite interesting how the older ones get less sleep than the younger ones.

Here is the task!

Equivalent Ratio

Today, Miss Georgia gave us sheets about ratios for us to complete. On the mat Miss Georgia had teach us what equivalent ratios were. Me and Aye had completed the sheet and Miss Georgia had checked our sheets. A couple minutes later, Mrs Stone came along and had bring smarties which was apart of the lesson. We had a smartie ratio class. Once we were done with the class we ate the smarties.

Here are some photos!