Maths Whizz – Hall of Fame

Today, on Maths Whizz, I got progressions and red gems which got me on the hall of fame! My highlight of going on the hall of fame was seeing my friends go on it.

Here is the picture!

One thought on “Maths Whizz – Hall of Fame

  1. Hi Mary,

    It’s Zaria here, I love seeing that you’ve been working hard on your maths and making sure to complete it as we are coming to the end of the term and sometimes people start slacking off but you haven’t, which was amazing to see as you’re finishing the term off properly. I’m happy to see you got your 3 progressions and 3 red gems for the week, which lead you to the hall of fame!

    Also that was a really cool highlight. I’m pretty sure our whole friend group made it onto the hall of fame, which was really nice as we all got a prize at the week of the week and we all left school in a good mood. Loving to see your little update posts on how you’re doing with your work.

    It’s really cool seeing, and I hope to see more soon. Good luck trying to get your progressions and red gems for this week, hopefully you do. Let’s see if we can get our whole class into the hall of fame by the end of the week.

    Love Zaria <3

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