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Writing about Yr 8 & 7 Step up

Last week on Wednesday, the year 8s went to Year 8 Camp and that’s when the year 7 step up program began. The first thing the year 7s did was to get into our groups. My group was with Miss Hill. Next we went to room 3 to come up with a group chant, group poster and a group name which was The Mighty Kiwis.


My 1st favourite year 7 step up activity was painting Mrs Iloa. For painting we have to paint a background and a silhouette. The background I painted was with light colours like red, yellow and pink. My group couldn’t paint a silhouette because we only had time to paint a background. But it was fun to paint!


My second favourite activity was the Participation activity with Miss Hall. For the Participation activity, there were 2 games. The first one was with dots and the second one was to get the ball to the other side. For the first game, we got separated into 2 teams. We have to step on the dots without falling. The second activity was to get the ball to the other side. First we got handed these slide objects and a small ball. The goal was to get the ball to the other side of the classroom without touching the ball or letting it fall. What I learnt about the Participation activity was Leadership and Teamwork.