Tag: Fustration

Room 4 Inquiry

Over the 2 weeks, Room 4 has been doing bustops and skits. We had to answer questions about how to manage anger and frustrations. The questions were “What’s the difference between react and response”, “What does our body does when it gets angry”, “What are some tools to control your anger and fustration” and more. My group, Patrick, Flynn, Maddie, and Blessing got to make a skit on what’s the difference between responding and reacting. Last week we made a skit on what our body does when it gets angry. When Room 4 did a bus stop, they reckon that our body heats up, starts to fight things, scream, have intrusive thoughts and shakes in anger. They also reckon that reacting is when your being disrespectful to the teacher when they ask you to do something and that when you respond, you do it right away in a respectful manner.