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Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

Team 5’s play of Beauty and the Beast

This morning, we walked to the hall for the School Assembly. The Team 5 students (including me) sat on the dark red chairs behind everyone in the Hall. When the Assembly started, I soon noticed that the Korero for this Term was Art works. 

The Team 1 Teachers did a play that was about showing emotions through paint. The Team 2 Teachers did an Art competition of who drew the best portrait of themselves. The Team 3 Teachers made a video of them lip syncing songs. The Team 4 Teachers also made a video of them doing the 4 different types of art which was Videography, Dancing, music, and Art (as in painting, drawing and more!).

When it was Team 5’s turn, they set up the stage for their play which was Beauty and the Beast. It was a romantic play between Mr Wiseman and Mr Moran. The song that they played was Beauty and Tale as old as time.

How to embed different types of Digital Learning Objects

Embedding learning into our Blogs

By Mary

There are lots of different types of digital learning objects we embed into our blogs on a daily basis.

My favorite thing to share on my blog is Google Slides.

Google Docs

The easiest learning to share is my writing in Google Docs, simply just Copy and Paste it from the Google Doc onto your blog. However, don’t forget to use CTRL + SHIFT + V so that it gets rid of the formatting. You can always change the formatting on your blog.