Year: 2022

Equivalent Ratio

Today, Miss Georgia gave us sheets about ratios for us to complete. On the mat Miss Georgia had teach us what equivalent ratios were. Me and Aye had completed the sheet and Miss Georgia had checked our sheets. A couple minutes later, Mrs Stone came along and had bring smarties which was apart of the lesson. We had a smartie ratio class. Once we were done with the class we ate the smarties.

Here are some photos!

Raro experiment

Today, my maths group PiThons got called onto the mat for a ratio discussion. We simplified the ratios and worked out the ratios of the raro dust and the amount of water. We also got free raro drinks. Some people got mango flavoured raro drinks while some people like me got raspberry flavoured drinks.

Here is a photo of me, Aye and Finau with our drinks!