Month: June 2022

Mana Ako Preparing for next term

Hello Everyone!

Mana Ako is coming to an end for Term 2. So I am going to get ready for next term!

What do I look forward to?

– I look forward to being participating in sports more often.

What do I try to avoid?

– I try to avoid trouble and distractions

What’s something I don’t try?

– Something I don’t try is Literacy and sports

What are my learning goals?

– My learning goals are to improve in literacy and to read more


Thank you Mana Ako club!!

Would you rather be a sea animal or a land animal or both?

Hello everyone!

Today, Mr. Goodwin taught us how to create a google form and what they are useful for! Everyone in my class made one with different questions and answers! Here are the results!

If you want to answer my google form here it is!

But the real question is Would you rather be a Land animal or Sea animal or both?

Ko te aha tēnei rā?

Every Tuesday the year 8s go to tech and the year 7s do rotations. The year 7s are separated into groups Tahi, Rua, and Toru. The groups went into 3 rotations. PE, DLO, and Te Reo. At Te Reo, we learnt the days and months!